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Accounting and financial terms and definitions

Being in business brings with it a whole new language of jargon and acronyms. The following list has been adapted from the Australian Government’s Business website. I hope it helps to better... Read more »

Images for your website or social media accounts

Free images and videos Always check licensing terms to ensure the images you use are completely free to use. Some images require attribution, or payment.  None of the the free image sites... Read more »

10 step business plan and guide

Download the 10 step business plan and guide, and start planning the success of your new business.  For more information about business plans read:  Simple 10 step business plan. Read more »

Startup income and expense projection template

    Download the template to calculate your startup costs and forecast the future income and expenses for your business.  The Simple 10 step business plan has more information about startup cost,... Read more »

Manual bookkeeping templates

    Download the free manual bookkeeping templates to record your business income and expenses. For more information read:   Keeping business records and bookkeeping   1.  A complete system with a monthly... Read more »

Australian invoice templates

                Download the set of free invoice templates, suitable for a business registered, or not registered for the GST. For more information read:  Australian invoice requirements.... Read more »

Financial ratio calculator

            Download the financial ratio calculator template in excel format. For more information about financial and accounting ratios read:  How to use financial ratios Read more »

Financial statements template

    Download the template to prepare the following reports: Profit and loss budget Profit and loss statement Balance sheet Cash flow projection Cash flow statement    Read more »