New Rule for Salary Sacrificing to Superannuation

Both employers and employees need to be aware of the New Rule for Salary Sacrificing to Superannuation that came into effect on 1st January 2020. Firstly, What is Salary Sacrificing to Superannuation?... Read more »

What are the tax implications for employee gifts and bonuses?

Many employers like to reward their employees with an end of year Christmas gift or bonus. After all, it is the festive season, but employers need to ensure they understand the tax... Read more »

How to calculate employees annual leave entitlements

Permanent Australian employees are eligible to annual leave (holiday pay) entitlements. These entitlements are bound by the National Employment Standards (NES). The NES incorporates 10 minimum employment entitlements, including annual leave. Employers... Read more »
hiring either an employee or contractor

Hiring an Employee or Contractor

Need some extra help in your business? You may be considering hiring an employee or perhaps an independent contractor (commonly known as a contractor). Some employers may choose to hire an employee... Read more »
an employee or contractor working

Difference in hiring an employee or contractor

Thinking of hiring someone?  Be sure you understand the difference between hiring an employee or contractor, because the decision between the two, will affect your responsibilities as an employer. What is the... Read more »
an independent contractor working

Hiring an independent contractor

The labour market is rapidly changing with the Australian Bureau of Statistics reporting approximately 8% (over 1 million) of Australian workers considered themselves independent contractors. (ABS August 2018). An increasing number of... Read more »
hiring an employee notice

Hiring an employee – obligations and registrations

Becoming a first-time employer brings obligations, responsibilities, and legal requirements so having a good understanding of what’s involved will make the process a lot easier. All business entities including sole traders, partnerships,... Read more »
choosing an award and pay rate

How to choose an award and pay rates

It is possible for a sole trader, partnership, company or trust to employ staff. Before hiring staff, it is necessary to decide on the type of employment and the most appropriate award... Read more »